Real Estate & Community Development

The Firm has had extensive experience in conducting complex District of Columbia commercial real property transactions.

Some of the services that the Session Law Firm can provide include:

  • Review and edit real estate purchase agreements and contracts.
  • Prepare term sheets, operating agreements, and articles of organization.
  • Serve as your registered agent in DC.
  • Prepare and file condominium documents.
  • Prepare private placement memorandum and financing documents.
  • Represent you before DC Government agencies, such as the Office of Tax and Revenue and Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

Representative samples of the Firm’s District of Columbia real estate experience include the following:

Northwest One – New Communities – $86 Million District of Columbia economic development project to transform public housing into mixed-used community. The Firm provided legal representation and advice to development team including tasks related to operating agreement, exclusive rights agreement, and Certified Business Enterprise Agreement.

Sherman Avenue (Lot 1120, Square 2873) – District of Columbia’s exchange of real properties with Howard University. The Firm provided (a) Report of Title comprising the last sixty (60) years; (b) legal description of the site; and (c) title and settlement services, including issuing title insurance.

3418 and 3420 Warder Street, NW – District Government’s purchase of two homes to raze for economic development purposes. The Firm reviewed Purchase and Sale Agreement, represented homeowners in transaction; conducted title examination and settlement; and issued title insurance.

Oxon Cove (Reservation 421) – On behalf of the District of Columbia Government, the Firm provided a title examination report for a 51 acre site owned by the United States Government. The Firm provided a title examination and report on behalf of the District of Columbia Government.

Oxon Run (Reservation 501) – The Firm provided a title examination and report on behalf of the District of Columbia Government.

Representative clients include: